The Mother Paradigm


What does it take to become the woman you always wanted to be?

That is the question Ginny Shaw is asking herself.

Ginny had lived a selfish life and created a loveless relationship with her son, Edgar. The life she has lived is not the life she had planned on. She is appalled at how she raised her son and all that she gave up to be wealthy and have high social status. She lived a life of privilege that left her longing for something more.

Now she is alone, divorced and has nowhere to turn other than to her daughter-in-law, Gloriana.

Will Gloriana help her or turn her away?

Can she embrace change and become the woman she wanted to be before marrying Edgar’s father?

Is love the answer?

Will helping a young unwed mother through pregnancy open doors to a new life for herself?


Better and better. Again another book that is an easy read that you get into quickly. The characters draw you in and you want to know more. A. Hailey


A Great continuation of this series. A lovely continuance of the paradigm series. When her marriage comes to an end, Ginny learns an important lesson about living life for herself and no one else. She finds love and support in both expected and unexpected places. She goes on a journey of self exploration and finds the life she didn’t know she’d been longing for. Christie Carlson


The Mother Paradigm is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and on Audible for your listening pleasure.


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