The Dakota Paradigm

Dakota had to grow up fast!

Her mother and grandmother both died within a few weeks of each other, in Commerce, Texas. She was left, at age of 19 to settle all the legal, personal and financial matters for the two women who had shaped her life. When she completed getting the estate settled, she had two hundred dollars, no home, no car and no one to call family.

While going through her mother’s papers, she found her biological father’s name and address in McAlester, Oklahoma. She read the letter he had sent her over 19 years ago telling her mother to ‘get rid of it’. Dakota was the ‘it’ he wanted her mother to get rid of. But, where else could she go?

She knew she had a sister named Leslie. Maybe she would welcome Dakota even if her father would not. By the time she decided to leave Commerce, Texas and head for McAlester, Oklahoma to the only family she had, there was forty dollars in her pocket. Hitchhiking seemed the only choice.

Horror and brutality slammed her down to reality when she was kidnapped and brutalized. She was going to die. All her longing for family and belonging was going to end with no one knowing who she was or caring what happened to her.

She craved love and belonging. She hoped to find those in family. A man who was evil to the core had other ideas.

He brutalized not only Dakota but his family too. Sometimes family is the most dangerous and least loving place to be, but surely Leslie would not be like this man. She didn’t have a white knight coming to rescue her. She was not in the middle of a fairy tale. This was brutal reality. Whether she lived or died was up to her.


My favorite in the series. This is my favorite book in this series. Dakota is a relatable character who goes through challenges we all face, as well as some that we don’t. There’s intrigue and mystery, as well as excitement, and the love and acceptance I’ve come to enjoy from this author. Christie Carlson


The Dakota Paradigm is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and on Audible for your listening pleasure.


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