The Cora Paradigm

Is love the answer to bigotry and hatred?

Is horse-whispering a path to resolution of true love?

Does it matter who you love?

Cora and Delbert, married nearly thirty years, have spent three long years separated. The separation was triggered by misunderstanding, stubbornness and pride. Is love enough to resurrect and restore their marriage to its once powerful and devoted way of being together?

Delbert’s nephew’s wife, a horse whisperer may offer a path forward for Delbert. He listens and hears what she has to say about horse whispering. She says, “There is nothing magic about working with horses. It is a way of being. When you want to honor anyone — human, horse, dog, doesn’t matter — and you speak from deep within your quiet true self, they will hear your intention and respond accordingly.”

Delbert wants to be with Cora again. Can he use the lessons of horse whispering to guide him back to Cora?

Cora hears a song and knows that love is the only answer, but is it enough?

Both Delbert and Cora have to decide whether being right or being together is the most important. Can a moment of glad grace combining music and horse whispering heal their wounded hearts?

When healing is just beginning, bigotry and hatred in their community threatens the love and peace of all involved. Cora’s independence and liberated ideas is the fuel when everything comes crashing down. A lesbian relationship adds fuel the fire of bigotry and hatred. Cora’s life is in jeopardy. Will love, honor, friendship be enough?


The Cora Paradigm is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and onAudible for your listening pleasure.

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