The Adoption Paradigm

The Adoption Paradigm

LaDean Cox wanted to live, marry Bailey Hardcastle and raise her three children with him. Love beckoned her but her guilt and sorrow were too heavy. She chose instead to sacrifice her life to give her children a better future.

Her three children, Tommy, Bradley and Hazel were living with Jake and Gloriana Pennington-Casey. When LaDean signed away her parental rights making them the guardians of her children, she knew she could leave the burden of her life behind without any guilt.

Will the sins of the father be meted out to the children of LaDean and Cyrus Cox? Will their new parents, Jake and Glory Pennington-Casey be able to help them? Will these children, especially Bradley, live in fear for the rest of their lives? Will their father’s guilt taint the possibilities for their futures? Will a rabid bobcat destroy the children’s tenuous hold on the possibility of a better life?

Can adoption save these orphans from lives of fear and loathing and transform their lives to lives of love and belonging? The battle for the future of the three children and the adults surrounding them is at stake.


Such a great addition to this series. What a fantastic conclusion to this series of books. While romantic love is a mainstay of so many novels, this author has an amazing ability to show her readers how love can come in so many different forms and can be found in the most unexpected places. This book solidifies the love readers have found for the characters in these books and leaves you wanting more from this author. But you’re in luck! Her next series is already available! The first book is Buffalo Dreams. Christie Carlson


The Adoption Paradigm is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback  and Audible for your listening pleasure.

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