The Paradigm Books

The Gloriana Paradigm

Gloriana wanted to write and travel. She wanted to be bold and brave. She wanted love, children, and dogs. She is miserable in her four-year marriage and daydreams about divorce and running away from all her problems. Then she has the worst day of her life. Her marriage is a shambles and she is suddenly a widow.

Now Glory must pick up the pieces of her life and create a new way of living. When she meets a cowboy, her life begins to take unexpected turns.

Can a woman living in the Pacific Northwest create a life of happiness with a cowboy from Oklahoma? How can this work when Glory is already struggling with grief and feelings of failure? Can she learn trust her inner longings for love and children to create the life she has always dreamed of?


The Mother Paradigm

What does it take to become the woman you always wanted to be?

That is the question Ginny Shaw is asking herself.

Ginny had lived a selfish life and created a loveless relationship with her son, Edgar. The life she has lived is not the life she had planned on. She is appalled at how she raised her son and all that she gave up to be wealthy and have high social status. She lived a life of privilege that left her longing for something more.

Now she is alone, divorced and has nowhere to turn other than to her daughter-in-law, Gloriana.

Will Gloriana help her or turn her away?

Can she embrace change and become the woman she wanted to be before marrying Edgar’s father?

Is love the answer?

Will helping a young unwed mother through pregnancy open doors to a new life for herself?


The Belle Paradigm

Dying isn’t the easiest thing to do in life.

As Belle says, “These are my lumps.” Yet in death as in life, love becomes the driving force of everything Belle holds dear.

When Belle discovers the mystic world of Core Shamanism she discovers ways of being in any reality whether here on Earth or beyond. Through her learning with Rachel, a Cherokee Shaman, Belle is able to meet her dying with grace, beauty and a regal bearing known only among Goddesses.

Belle learns that all paths are true for the believer, no matter the pathway. Belle discovers the Universal truth: there is always love.


The Father Paradigm

A loving father is the dream for every child. Not every father is loving.

Fran’s father relentlessly abused her throughout her childhood. Yet he was seen within the communities in which they lived as a holy man. Spare the rod and spoil the child was his favorite sermon.

Thousands of miles away Laura gave birth to a bi-racial child. Her father nearly killed her and her child in his bigotry.

Where were the mother’s who bore these children who were so violently abused by their fathers? Can love be the balm that helps these women find themselves? Can men who had loving examples of fatherhood be the ones to support these women?

Is love enough to lift the sorrow and grief?





The Cora Paradigm

Is love the answer to bigotry and hatred?

Is horse-whispering a path to resolution of true love?

Does it matter who you love?

Cora and Delbert, married nearly thirty years, have spent three long years separated. The separation was triggered by misunderstanding, stubbornness and pride. Is love enough to resurrect and restore their marriage to its once powerful and devoted way of being together?

Delbert’s nephew’s wife, a horse whisperer may offer a path forward for Delbert. He listens and hears what she has to say about horse whispering. She says, “There is nothing magic about working with horses. It is a way of being. When you want to honor anyone — human, horse, dog, doesn’t matter — and you speak from deep within your quiet true self, they will hear your intention and respond accordingly.”

Delbert wants to be with Cora again. Can he use the lessons of horse whispering to guide him back to Cora?

Cora hears a song and knows that love is the only answer, but is it enough?

Both Delbert and Cora have to decide whether being right or being together is the most important. Can a moment of glad grace combining music and horse whispering heal their wounded hearts?

When healing is just beginning, bigotry and hatred in their community threatens the love and peace of all involved. Cora’s independence and liberated ideas is the fuel when everything comes crashing down. A lesbian relationship adds fuel the fire of bigotry and hatred. Cora’s life is in jeopardy. Will love, honor, friendship be enough?


The Dakota Paradigm

Dakota had to grow up fast!

Her mother and grandmother both died within a few weeks of each other, in Commerce, Texas. She was left, at age of 19 to settle all the legal, personal and financial matters for the two women who had shaped her life. When she completed getting the estate settled, she had two hundred dollars, no home, no car and no one to call family.

While going through her mother’s papers, she found her biological father’s name and address in McAlester, Oklahoma. She read the letter he had sent her over 19 years ago telling her mother to ‘get rid of it’. Dakota was the ‘it’ he wanted her mother to get rid of. But, where else could she go?

She knew she had a sister named Leslie. Maybe she would welcome Dakota even if her father would not. By the time she decided to leave Commerce, Texas and head for McAlester, Oklahoma to the only family she had, there was forty dollars in her pocket. Hitchhiking seemed the only choice.

Horror and brutality slammed her down to reality when she was kidnapped and brutalized. She was going to die. All her longing for family and belonging was going to end with no one knowing who she was or caring what happened to her.

She craved love and belonging. She hoped to find those in family. A man who was evil to the core had other ideas.

He brutalized not only Dakota but his family too. Sometimes family is the most dangerous and least loving place to be, but surely Leslie would not be like this man. She didn’t have a white knight coming to rescue her. She was not in the middle of a fairy tale. This was brutal reality. Whether she lived or died was up to her.


The Adoption Paradigm

LaDean Cox wanted to live, marry Bailey Hardcastle and raise her three children with him. Love beckoned her but her guilt and sorrow were too heavy. She chose instead to sacrifice her life to give her children a better future.

Her three children, Tommy, Bradley and Hazel were living with Jake and Gloriana Pennington-Casey. When LaDean signed away her parental rights making them the guardians of her children, she knew she could leave the burden of her life behind without any guilt.

Will the sins of the father be meted out to the children of LaDean and Cyrus Cox? Will their new parents, Jake and Glory Pennington-Casey be able to help them? Will these children, especially Bradley, live in fear for the rest of their lives? Will their father’s guilt taint the possibilities for their futures? Will a rabid bobcat destroy the children’s tenuous hold on the possibility of a better life?

Can adoption save these orphans from lives of fear and loathing and transform their lives to lives of love and belonging? The battle for the future of the three children and the adults surrounding them is at stake.




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