Sparrow Dreams

The Shaman Chronicles Book #4

Beulah longed for a child of her own. She would never bear a child but her longing was a part of her daily life. Her Power Animal, Petrona, a rock sparrow brought her the good news. There was a daughter sleeping on Beulah’s front porch. Beulah thought it was a dream and she was right, it was a dream come true.

No miracle comes without strings attached. Beulah knew and understood that Universal truth. She determined to keep the child, Rayna, in her arms and home. More importantly, she determined to keep her safe, sheltered and loved.

Rayna’s biological mother, Doreen, lived a rough life that led to her death. It wasn’t the heroin that killed her. It was the vile man who provided her with what she called The White Horse. Her murderer was determined to have Rayna for his own vile purposes. Keeping Rayna and other children safe became the driving force in Beulah’s life and the community of McAlester, Oklahoma.

Evil surrounds us everyday and only good people doing the right and loving things keeps it at bay. Beulah knew this truth.


Sparrow Dreams is available on Amazon for KindleComing soon as paperback and audio version for your listening pleasure.

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