The Key

  Orena paced on the green grassy knoll, her favorite place in the Lower World. Ordinarily, she’d be happily hunting, but the loud noises from the people overwhelmed her senses. The temptation to howl was nearly overwhelming. She could feel the music reaching a fever pitch. The cacophony infuriated the bobcat and made her fur … Read more

Be A Man

  It’s Time To Step Up       Dion rode his black Harley along Valley Road with the Yakima River winding beside him. For the first time in his life, he was unaware of the beauty and contrasts of Washington State. The clear water racing between the rocky shores lined with trees were a blur … Read more

Rayna Finds a Home

  Sparrow Dreams for Beulah In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Petrona, a rock sparrow and Beulah’s power animal, flitted from the small cottonwood tree on the banks of Mud Creek behind Beulah’s home in McAlester, Oklahoma. Beulah was sleeping, but Petrona needed to tell her about the special visitor on the front porch. … Read more

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