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The Paradigm Books

Discovering Life From Within

For Modern Women and Men

After more than forty years of dreaming about writing, Glenda finally jumped into the deep end and wrote. 

Her first published my novel, The Gloriana Paradigm, November 2018 became the foundation for moving forward–both for Glenda and her characters. Since then she has written six more novels in the series. They are published on Amazon. Each book can be read out of order. However, if you read them from the first book forward, you will be treated to the experience of watching each character’s growth from within.

All of Glenda’s books can be purchased on Amazon. Her author page has the lists of all her books.

Below are the seven Paradigm Books (in order). Clicking on the title will take you to each book’s page which includes reviews of the book.

  1. The Gloriana Paradigm 
  2. The Mother Paradigm
  3. The Belle Paradigm
  4. The Father Paradigm
  5. The Cora Paradigm
  6.  The Dakota Paradigm 
  7. The Adoption Paradigm 


The Shaman Chronicles

Where The Mystic Meets Real Life

Both David and Glenda are practitioners of Core Shamanism, a personal , spiritual path than doesn’t remove the possibilities of other spiritual paths. Core Shamanism provides a way of being deeply connected to the inner spirit in all of us and with the help of Power Animals, many things can be learned and all of life is supported. 

The Shaman Chronicles is mainly a suspense, mystery series. Some of the characters will be familiar to you if you’ve read The Paradigm Books. But, new characters are introduced in each book. Core Shamanism helps the characters to solve mysteries, deepen understanding of reality and provide a community of support. Even the children get in on the solving of problems with the adults.

The order of the books are:

  1.  Buffalo Dreams 
  2. Salmon Dreams 
  3. Bobcat Dreams 
  4. Sparrow Dreams
  5. Crawdad Dreams: Coming Soon
  6. Elk Dreams: Coming Soon


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