Buffalo Dreams

The Shaman Chronicles Book #1

The Arbuckle Mountain pass in southern Oklahoma is treacherous any time of the year, but a winter ice storm turns the scenic highway into a death trap for Evelyn Maloney, Teah’s mother.

Letters from her mother speak of shamanism and reveal the true meaning of her name. Teah’s confusion mounts as she stands in her mother’s private attic sanctuary. And the twenty-eight blue bound journals where the unknown past of her mother’s life is yet to be revealed only feed her growing inner tension.

Overwhelmed with the feeling of falling, her anxiety is made worse with nightmares and dreams of a buffalo a grandfather with long silver braids, and a re-headed man with brilliant blue eyes.

Evil is afoot and it is up to Teah to banish the evil from her life. The man in her dreams continues to haunt her. Who is he? What’s with the fox, buffalo, salmon and crow invading her dreams? Will her mother’s love and her written journals answer the questions Teah desperately needs? Will she ever find love on a deep and abiding level?



A vision of Shamanism that teaches as well as entertains. The main character, Teah, is struggling under the burden of sorrow when she loses her mother. Four friends gather around her after the funeral and help her to understand what is next for her, and the wild send her omen that if she can read them properly, will lead her to her future. The authors clearly understand the depths of Shamanism and are willing to share their knowledge. A moving story. Edy Kizaki


An engaging and wonderful read. I really enjoyed this book! Delightful characters, an interesting plot, and a level-headed view of Core Shamanism, including realistic shamanistic journeys that are integral to the story line. Whether you are interested in spiritual healing in general, or shamanism in particular, you are likely to enjoy this book. Jilena Alpert


All the pieces are here to enjoy. Author Glenda Clemens continues the stories of characters brought to life in her Paradigm series in the first of the Shaman Chronicles series. She takes you on a journey of love and acceptance, bringing you around emotional pitfalls, breakthroughs, and hairpin turns. Just when you think all is well, you’re slapped in the face with a new obstacle that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Christie Carlson


Couldn’t put it down!  This is the first book I’ve had the privilege of reading from this author, and I was duly impressed. Great story, and masterful weave. Highly recommend. David Rains


Buffalo Dreams is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback. It is also available on Audible for your listening pleasure.

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