Bobcat Dreams

The Shaman Chronicles Book #3

Persephone believed everything her parents had told her about her heritage. Although she was human, she knew deep in her bones she was much, much more than merely human. Her father and mother spent many hours telling her the mythology of her name, Persephone. Over time, she began to believe she was the embodiment of the goddess Persephone. She knew she could do everything in the ordinary world, or the underworld, just as her namesake could.

With such a heritage Persephone, AKA, Percy, knew great things were her due in life.

Her skills as a pianist and a piano technician were better than anyone in the Seattle area. Ask her and she will happily tell you this is true. She’ll gladly educate you and help you understand there is no one better at the piano, including the composers she loves to play. Whether as a technician or performer, Percy clearly understood her greatness.

As young women, jazz pianists all, begin to disappear Percy finally has her chance to prove her prowess as the best jazz pianist in the Pacific Northwest and perhaps planet Earth. Her disdain for mediocre musicians, especially pianists reaches a fever pitch and she decides to take things into her own hands.

The Key, her piano studio, is not only for pianos. No. It is much, much more than that. It is THE Key to everything.

Orena, a bobcat Power Animal and her human Lena make a trip from Oklahoma to Issaquah, Washington to help her friend ME, of jazz podcast fame, find the missing women. The jazz world is beginning to understand there is a real problem in their midst. Why are the women jazz pianists disappearing? Why is Percy so certain she is what the jazz scene needs?

As terror in the jazz scene mounts, Percy becomes more and more the embodiment of Persephone.


Bobcat Dreams is available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and coming soon on Audible for your listening pleasure.

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