Old Typewriter photo by David Klein

Websites are HARD!

Because we have no million dollar trust funds and are living on Social Security (we’re old!) we are doing our own website building and editing. (AND by WE I mean ME). Back in the 1960s when we were both in high school, we didn’t have computers. In my school we had TWO (2) electric typewriters. The rest of the typewriters were Remington MANUAL typewriters. For you youngsters, born after 1980 this meant to type a page we had to press HARD on the key so the arm with the letter on the end would swing up, smash into a ribbon of ink and put a letter on the page. To move to the next line of type, we had to reach up with our left hand and hit the lever to move the paper down one line. The amazing thing is those typewriters were MODERN!! It was the 20th Century after all.

I’ve spent MANY hours over the past several weeks, months and eons getting our website close to modern for the 21st Century. One of the most difficult things is the language. For example, I had to understand CATEGORY as a part of a website. I finally figured it out today: nearly a year after starting this website. CLUE: It has nothing to do with literature or music or language. Then I had to understand the difference between a blog post, a page post, and a post. You can’t tie your horse to ANY of these posts!! Not really a big deal since I don’t have a horse but confusing nonetheless.

So, dear reader, as you look and read on our website and find mistakes, missing links, errors, let us know. PLEASE DO NOT TELL DAVID TO QUIT USING TWO SPACES AFTER A PERIOD AT THE END OF A SENTENCE!—-it turns him into a rebel and I have enough to deal with without that! Just let us know in the comments section or send us an email or post in Facebook or send us a tweet—Another thing that doesn’t make much sense. I love birds but have no clue what they are saying.


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