The Gloriana Paradigm

The Gloriana Paradigm


Gloriana wanted to write and travel. She wanted to be bold and brave. She wanted love, children, and dogs. She is miserable in her four-year marriage and daydreams about divorce and running away from all her problems. Then she has the worst day of her life. Her marriage is a shambles and she is suddenly a widow.

Now Glory must pick up the pieces of her life and create a new way of living. When she meets a cowboy, her life begins to take unexpected turns.

Can a woman living in the Pacific Northwest create a life of happiness with a cowboy from Oklahoma? How can this work when Glory is already struggling with grief and feelings of failure? Can she learn trust her inner longings for love and children to create the life she has always dreamed of?


“Through to the end, Glenda weaves a story of Glory’s inner growth. Glory learns acceptance and understanding of the wisdom she gains through the challenge of her marriage to Edgar. This allows her to move forward into the next transition of her life. Well done!”
Judy Risley, A Thousand Tiny Steps


“The Gloriana Paradigm is the inspiring story of love and renewal, as two spurned lovers find hope in a fresh start, and the courage to fall in love again.”  Review from Judge, 7th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards


 Looking in the Mirror and Seeing the Light :  Yes, it’s a great read! Hard to put down. But I also came away with a sense of having had a conversation that you have with your best girlfriends curled up on a girl’s weekend away, sitting at the lodge fire with wine and staying up late. What do we want vs. what do we get from these relationships? What do we pour in? How does our past shape our vision of our future, and how does our vision of our future shape its reality? As women what are we misunderstanding about ourselves and our loved ones? What do men think and know, and how did they get there? What are the burdens and treasures of the past that hold us back from living as our true selves? As girlfriends, wives and mothers, who are we and who is our real relationship with? Where do I find my shining light? Loved this book.  Edy Kisaki


Captivating! I love the book. Pretty captivating and an easy read. If you don’t live life from your true inner self, no matter how much others may love you, love will never be enough. When you live from your true inner self, love will be the culmination of how you live your life not what someone else brings to your life. Madhuri


Wonderful first book from this author! With her first book, Glenda Clemens shows you what a woman can do when she makes a conscious decision to change her life. After two tragic endings occur in her life on the same day, Glory sets out to make some changes in her life and finds adventure and love on the way to her shiny new life. Christie Carlson


Inspiring! I love the way this book flows and all the pieces fall into place. It’s inspiring in that it shows how life can go from being very bad to very good in a very short time and that better things are in store if you keep believing, keep hoping, keep loving! Lissing128


Girl finds her way. Very easy read and I don’t like reading. I was intrigued from the beginning and at times felt as if it was the story of my life. Cindy Brumley


Easy read! Well written and you get hooked right from the start! A. Hailey


The Gloriana Paradigm is available at Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and Audible for your listening pleasure.

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