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I started writing novels nearly three years ago. The first series was The Paradigm Books. The main theme of all seven of those books was women, helping women to create their best lives. I loved writing and rewriting those stories. The characters and their lives express everything we both care about and believe in our own lives.

The next series, The Shaman Chronicles, are co-written by me and my husband, David Clemens. The theme of this series is how people use Core Shamanism to not only enrich their lives but also solve crucial issues in the story lines. 

David  and I practice Core Shamanism on a personal basis. We have found it to be spiritually supportive pathway.

Wow what a ride we are on! We’ve published nine of the books and are busy working on the next three books. In the time of COVID-19 to have such a marvelous and loving endeavor for us to create together has been a true blessing.

–Glenda Clemens


Lily and Lucy who make sure we all eat on time!





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