Glenda Clemens, Author

WHAT???? ME????


Yep. That’s me. I wanted to write for years and years but never had the belief in myself to go all the way. Then in July 2018 I had to make some changes in my life for my health. That process led me to having a deeper relationship with myself as a human being. 

I decided to go all in on my life. So. I pulled out my computer and on an impulse driven by the theme music of the Victoria series on PBS, I wrote The Gloriana Paradigm. As I wrote, I became excited about the story. I breezed along making lots of mistakes and loving every minute of the adventure.

Then I got my daughter Lorien and my husband David involved in the process. Through their critiques, encouragement, advice and tears I published the book in November of 2018. 

Since November of 2018, I’ve written and published the next four books.  You can find all of my books on Amazon. They are all Kindle Unlimited (for now) so can be read for free.

As soon as I get this rudimentary website set up I’ll be on to the next book, The Leslie Paradigm.

I’m also looking forward to writing short stories and sharing some of my past writings with you. Come along and enjoy the ride with me. It may be bumpy but it will always be from the heart.